In 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic a group of faculty from Texas Women’s University and the University of North Texas, representatives from Denton Independent School District, and community stakeholders began meeting weekly to determine how they could effectively serve bilingual students and families in their area. We came together as professors, administrators, and teachers to ask the question, how can we help families and students in Bilingual/ESL programs navigate the schooling challenges brought by COVID-19?  This collaboration resulted in organic, innovative efforts, specifically; a virtual Bilingual Homework Hotline (BHH)  that connects university and K-12 students to provide academic, emotional, linguistic, and cultural support while championing the school districts’ college-going initiatives. This ongoing collaboration has become a space of acompañamiento virtual or virtual accompaniment, as college students who serve as homework helpers volunteer their time and knowledge and professors expand their teaching and research with the goal of supporting and being (virtually) with bilingual students and their families in their educational journeys.

The helpers, students, and parents who experience the BHH often describe it as being about more than just homework. Yes, students get help with math, reading, writing, and even art projects. Just as important, particularly during a time of deep isolation and confusion, the BHH empowers bilingual students and families to feel connected and engaged. Connectivity and togetherness, working juntxs, are the values that nurture the BHH.

J- Juntxs en la justicia social

UUnidxs para colaborar, dialogar y contribuir

NNetwork of maestros, padres de familia, administradores e investigadores

T- Together we labor, advocate, and critically listen

X- EXhibiting accompaniment, authentic caring, and humbleness

SServicio a la comunidad de Denton

We are inspired and guided by working juntxs across two universities and a school district, as our collaboration critically listens and engages in praxis in serving the Denton comunidad/community. Through critical dialogue and contributions that go beyond publications and individual accolades, we have developed the necessary trust and confianza to continue our collaboration in order to “do” social justice/cariño work on the ground with the comunidad. We are hopeful that by documenting our collaborative work and spirit through this website that other universities and school districts will come together to serve the academic, socioemotional, linguistic, and cultural needs of local comunidades. ¡Solo es posible juntxs!

We are!