Helping Emergent Bilinguals with Math

Hello there! You’ve landed on the dedicated page designed to support tutors like you embarking on the rewarding journey of tutoring emergent bilingual students in Math. Your role is doubly important, given that you’re helping these students navigate both language and mathematical challenges.

I have been trained to be a math tutor who can help you. Feel free to ask any math-related questions you have.

Recommendations when tutoring online

Tutoring emergent bilinguals online in math can be effective and engaging with the right strategies. Here are some recommendations for online tutoring:

  • Use a virtual whiteboard: Utilize a virtual whiteboard or screen-sharing tool to explain and demonstrate mathematical concepts visually. This can help students follow your explanations more easily and allows for real-time collaboration on problems. 
  • Leverage multimedia: Incorporate videos, animations, and interactive simulations to illustrate complex concepts and make lessons more engaging. Choose resources with clear explanations and subtitles or captions for better language support. 
  • Encourage interaction: Foster student engagement by encouraging interaction through the chat function, polls, or virtual hand-raising. This helps learners practice their language skills while also providing valuable opportunities for them to ask questions or seek clarification. 
  • Teach and review vocabulary: Dedicate time to teach and review key math vocabulary and phrases, using visuals, examples, and practice exercises to reinforce understanding. Encourage students to use this language when explaining their thought processes or asking questions. 
  • Chunk information: Break down complex concepts and instructions into smaller, manageable steps. Provide ample wait time for students to process information and ask questions, as online learning environments can sometimes feel more fast-paced. 
  • Provide typed instructions: In addition to verbal instructions, type out important information, instructions, or questions in the chat or on a shared document. This can help the learners better understand the content and refer back to the instructions as needed. 
  • Monitor progress: Regularly check in on students’ understanding through informal assessments such as quizzes, polls, or exit tickets. Adjust your instruction and provide targeted support based on their performance and needs. 
  • Be patient and supportive: Establish a positive, encouraging learning environment where the learners feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. Be empathetic and provide specific, constructive feedback on their progress.

By implementing these recommendations, you can create an effective and engaging online learning experience for emergent bilinguals, helping them develop their math and language skills.